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WRECKER (The T-Rex Skid Loader)

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Daesungtoys’ ‘Dino Truck series’ has everything that boys love dinosaurs and construction trucks such as a bulldozer, an excavator, and a grinder in a toy.

As the ‘Dino Truck series’features the shapes and functions of construction vehicles and characteristics of dinosaurs, they will satisfy the interests of children with dynamic fun of enjoying the cars and dinosaurs at the same time.

Each toy has a different function of a construction truck such as leveling land with a bulldozer and earth mover, and the toys have dinosaur bodies the dinosaur mouth, head and tail are designed to move. When a kid move or back the car up in the sand, it leaves the footprints of a dinosaur. Children can enjoy playing it both indoor and outdoor.

Four different models are available for kids aged over three.


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1. Article No. : DS-4152

2. Article Name : WRECKER (The T-Rex Skid Loader)

3. Size of Article(mm) : 560X190X190

4. Weight of Article(gram) : 1,050g

5. Material of Article : ABS resin (nontoxic material)

6. Package type : Cardboard open box

7. Description of Article :

This fierce, prehistoric powerhouse is totally kid-powered and ready for anything a child can imagine! Wrecker is the leader of the pack and rolls onto the scene with dino track treads that leave footprints in sand or dirt. From the playroom to the beach, our green machine is ready for building and bashing anything, anywhere!


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WRECKER -The T-Rex Skid Loader-

WRECKER -The T-Rex Skid Loader-

WRECKER -The T-Rex Skid Loader-

WRECKER -The T-Rex Skid Loader-

WRECKER -The T-Rex Skid Loader-